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Every week Jesse Owen discusses the latest Hollywood release that everyone is heading to the theaters to see! We always do this in 10 minutes or less and because we know how much you hate spoilers, we never spoil the film.

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  • Episode 171: Can you Ever Forgive Me?

    November 6th, 2018  |  7 mins 42 secs

    A movie ripped off from the memoirs about a person ripping off celebrities starring a celebrity.

  • Episode 169: Suspiria

    November 3rd, 2018  |  13 mins 23 secs
    dakota johnson, suspiria, suspria, tilda swinton, witches

    A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the artistic director, an ambitious young dancer, and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Others will finally wake up.

  • Episode 168: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

    October 31st, 2018  |  11 mins 22 secs
    disney, four realms, nutcracker, the nutcracker and the four realms

    This is one tough nut to crack.

  • Episode 167: Bohemian Rhapsody

    October 25th, 2018  |  9 mins 50 secs

    A story about Queen that really doesn't hit the notes.

  • Episode 163: The Hate You Give

    October 12th, 2018  |  12 mins 44 secs

    Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressures from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right.

  • Episode 166: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

    October 11th, 2018  |  8 mins 28 secs
    goosebumps, halloween, haunted

    Two young friends find a magic book that brings a ventriloquist's dummy to life.

  • Episode 165: First Man

    October 11th, 2018  |  10 mins 3 secs
    firstman, neil armstrong, ryan gosling

    A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

  • Episode 164: Venom

    October 3rd, 2018  |  12 mins 28 secs

    We are Venom, but did we love Venom.

  • Episode 162: Bad Times the the El Royale

    October 2nd, 2018  |  11 mins 9 secs

    Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe's El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one fateful night, everyone will have a last shot at redemption - before everything goes to hell.

  • Episode 160: The House With a Clock In Its Walls

    September 20th, 2018  |  10 mins 3 secs

    A young orphan named Lewis Barnavelt aids his magical uncle in locating a clock with the power to bring about the end of the world.

  • Episode 161: Lizzie (2018)

    September 19th, 2018  |  7 mins 52 secs

    A psychological thriller based on the infamous 1892 murders of the Borden family.

  • Episode 159: The Predator

    September 14th, 2018  |  12 mins 24 secs
    movies, predator, reviews

    When a young boy accidentally triggers the universe's most lethal hunters' return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

  • Episode 158: Operation Finale

    August 30th, 2018  |  10 mins 53 secs
    operation finale

    A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.

  • Episode 157: MIle 22

    August 16th, 2018  |  10 mins 29 secs
    mile 22

    An elite American intelligence officer, aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.

  • Episode 156: The Darkest Minds

    August 2nd, 2018  |  10 mins 41 secs

    The latest YA movie takes on the X-Men?

  • Episode 155: Christopher Robin

    August 2nd, 2018  |  10 mins 46 secs

    Winnie The Pooh is back and better than ever.