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Justice League: Dark

Matt Ryan is back as Constantine and that’s all you really need to know to watch this. Go watch it now!

Justice League: Dark follows up to the previous installments of Justice League: War & Throne of Atlantis. Both of those were well received by myself and other fans, so we continue the new 52 world of DC and bring in some lesser known fan favorites. Directed by Jay Oliva who has most recently done Batman: Bad Blood, Batman vs. Robin, and Assault on Arkham just to name a few, we get the most fitting introduction for the title “Dark”. We start with people being murdered and going crazy with hallucinations. It’s a rather jarring opening and I would say almost the sole reason this is rated R. Really the only JL member we tag along with is Batman in this movie as he helps recruit the people that can deal with something supernatural. This is where we start with Deadman getting the Bat’s attention and bringing him to Zatanna. Zatanna leads them to Constantine and Jason Blood/Etrigan.

Each character gets a brief intro as DC understands you may not be as familiar with these characters. There is a good amount of exposition and character building done through the wonderful dialogue and voice acting. For those of you who watched NBC’s show Constantine, we get Matt Ryan back as the witty sorcerer. It’s a perfect fit and I hope we get to see his character live on for a while. Jason O’Mara continues his turn as the Dark Knight, and I will say he is right up there with Kevin Conroy now for me. Batman doesn’t say much in this movie, and really is the comic relief in a way which is the weirdest way to use him but it works. The other major voice we get in this is Alfred Molina as Destiny. The main villain isn’t on screen for long so we really don’t get to see him fleshed out, but we get enough I suppose.

The animation in this movie is solid like all of the DC releases. The action is easy to follow, and the characters look great. The violence seems to be stepped up in this movie, but I’m assuming it’s due to the R rating. I’m not sure this was necessary for this film unlike Killing Joke which had to be R to tell the story correctly.

Overall this is a very solid film based in what is easily the best version of DC in film. If only their live action movies were half this good. Oh well. The next movie in this series is Teen Titans: Judas Contract which is a fantastic story that I can’t wait to be brought to life.

Rating: 4/5 nightmares.